Quid pro quo religii i polityki.O dawnym i współczesnym zapożyczaniu zasad religijnych przez politykę w Europie

Michał Gierycz


THE ARTICLE Quid pro quo of religion and politics focuses on the process of borrowing religious categories by the political sphere in Europe (so called quid pro quo process). Th e article starts from the recognition of that process in the history of European politics. By referring to the works of E. Kantorowicz on the medieval monarchy and C. Schmitt on the national state, the author also reveals the method of analyzing the process of quid pro quo. The second part of the article aims at searching for that process in the current European politics. By exploring two principles of EU (subsidiarity and unity in diversity), the author shows that also today European politics uses categories grounded in religious refl ection. Nevertheless, the analysis also reveals that today usage of the religious categories is connected with important modifi cations in the semantic content of the used terms. Th at observation leads to more general conclusion, made in the third part, on the role of secularization in the political process.

Typ źródła: artykuł naukowy

Rok wydania: 2010

Źródło: Atheneum. Polskie Studia Politologiczne 24/2010

Numery stron: 18-35