Transformation of conflict as the key element of religious and non-religious peacebuilding

Joanna Kulska


FRAGMENT: One of the elements focused on strongly in religious and non-religious peacemaking is transformation of conflict. Transformation is seen as a shift in perceptions and attitudes that makes peace possible. This wide concept strongly connected with forgiving and reconciliation is becoming the basic operational term in the area of track II diplomacy being at the same time indispensable condition of faith-based peacebuilding initiatives. This way such notions as healing, forgiveness and reconciliation “become reality” not only in religious but also in non-religious peacemaking and peacebuilding where more “touchy-feely” approach has been accepted.

Typ źródła: rozdział w publikacji naukowej

Rok wydania: 2014

Źródło: Bridging the Divides. Post-conference publication on faith-based reconciliation and peacebuilding commemorating the 30th anniversary of „Reconciliatio et paenitentia” by St. John Paul II and the Year of Jan Karski

Numery stron: 51-62