Faith-based diplomacy jako instrument rozwiązywania sporów i konfliktów międzynarodowych

Joanna Kulska


The issue of faith-based diplomacy, seen as either an alternative instrument or the tool supporting traditional diplomacy, has been gaining more visibility and importance in the area of conflict resolution and peacemaking in the post-Cold War world. Though the various kinds of actors referring to a larger or smaller extent to religion have been active and effective in the area of peacemaking and conflict resolution for many decades their presence in the international scene had been rarely discussed and rather unkown to the wider public opinion. The term of „faith-based diplomacy” has been coined at the beginning of the XXI century and refers to the new form of diplomacy which uses religion as its key resource acknowledging religion as a defining element in international security. Faith-based diplomacy which „speaks to the heart, mind, and spirit” of the conflicted parties is to be perceived as the alternative but also the contradiction to a tough-minded realisitic approach which does not include the understanding of the religious and philosophical values that influence the actors. The article aims at presenting the basic tenets and the practical achieve‑ ments of faith-based diplomacy.

Typ źródła: artykuł naukowy

Rok wydania: 2013

Źródło: Athenaeum. Polskie Studia Politologiczne (38)2013

Numery stron: 9-25