The political dimension of interreligious trialogue during the pontificate of John Paul II

Sylwia Górzna


FRAGMENT: Harmonious coexistence of different religions has an enonnous importance for the future of the world, it is a necessity and moral obligation. Interreligious dialogue can greatly contribute to the propagation of peace. The political dimension of interreligious trialogue is, in my opinion, a value itself, giving new opportunities for both international relations and a policy of political consensus, contributing this way to peace in the world. Therefore more attention should be paid to the political dimension of interreligious dialogue, so that religion is not a source of clash and conflict. We must realistically assess the role of religion in politics and providing peace. I am convinced that there will be no international peace without interreligious peace. To ensure the world peace a real interreligious dialogue based on the theological and political foundation is necessary. The teaching of Pope John Paul II should become a beacon for politicians and followers of different religions, who can build the interreligious civilization. 

Typ źródła: artykuł naukowy

Rok wydania: 2013

Źródło: Społeczeństwo i Polityka. Pismo edukacyjne

Numery stron: 143-155